Almost 90% of the CA Inter and CMA Inter syllabus is common. If a CA Inter student could prepare the remaining 10% exclusive chapters with a right strategy then it is very easy to qualify CMA Inter both groups in the very first attempt and can even achieve an all india rank in CMA Inter.

Do you know the Best Time for CA inter students to write CMA Inter exams?

  • At first students should appear for CA Inter exams of both groups and then think of CMA Inter.
  • Should appear for CMA Inter exams in the same cycle of CA Inter exams. For example if you are writing ca inter exams in may attempt then appear for CMA Inter exams in June attempt of the same cycle.
  • If you write these 2 exams in 2 different cycles here are the problems: • 90% of syllabus is common and you need to prepare that 90% syllabus once again. • Will cause disturbance to ca practical training.
  • If you already qualified one group of CA Inter and another group is pending then first write the exams of that remaining group of CA Inter. Think of your CMA Inter exams only later on.

Will the rank in CMA Inter be of any help to CA Inter students?

  • 1. Just like rank in CA Inter, rank in CMA Inter can help you to get entry into a reputed audit firm for practical training.
  • You can’t imagine the recognition, confidence, name and fame you get through an ALL-INDIA RANK.
3 step preparation plan for CMA INTER to CA INTER students.

Step 1
Trace the exclusive chapters or concepts of CMA Inter that don’t get covered in CA Inter.

Step 2
Analyse the relative importance of each chapter from exam point of view.

Step 3
Shall revise the common chapters also If you find it difficult to prepare on your own with the above preparation plan. Avail 2 result oriented options from masterminds.

Exclusive CMA Inter Preparation

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What Materials are used for teaching these classes?

For all the exclusive chapters of cma inter we will provide our material along with detailed solutions to classroom and assignment problems. Also provide “Video playing order cum strategy document” with the following details:

List of all chapters / concepts of cma inter that don’t get covered in ca inter.

List of unimportant exclusive chapters of cma inter that can be left as choice, chapters that students can prepare on their own.

Expected marks from each chapter.

Why to choose MasterMinds?

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14 All India Ranks In Cma Inter Results Of Jan 2023 Attempt – 6, 14, 29, 30, 33, 35, 36, 42, 44, 46, 46, 47, 48, 48.

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