Best Quality CMA INTER Videos in Subscription Mode or Monthly Payment Mode

Subscription Mode (OR) Monthly Payment Mode(MPM)

Explore a flexible Learning Option for CMA INTER (Subscription Mode Or Monthly Payment Mode)

Get Access To Premium CMA Inter Videos at an Unbeatable Rate of Just Rs. 5,999/- 

What is Subscription Mode / Monthly Payment Mode (MPM)?
  • Unbeatable Quality, Unbeatable Price: Masterminds' renowned video lectures for the CMA Inter course are now available at a fraction of price!
  • Limited Time Offer: Get access to all video lectures in a single group for just Rs.5,999/- per month (originally Rs.25,000/- for 3 years).
  • Forget about installment plans! Just pay for the month you need to access all the videos in a group and watch them at your own pace.
  • You have complete control over your learning journey. Access videos for one month at a time, and extend as needed.
  • Build your personalized learning path by choosing videos from the groups you need most.
  • This is the smartest choice for budget-conscious learners who only need videos from specific chapters.

Additional Benefits

One Month Access + 10 Day Bonus! Pay for a month and enjoy 40 total days of viewing time.

Save Big! Don't forget to check for deals and coupons before you buy.

Language Options Available

  1. 1.Bilingual (English + Telugu)
  2. 2.100% English

What About Quality Of The Content?

Complete syllabus coverage with clear conceptual focus and understanding.

Experience unprecedented depth in concept explanations.

The content is recorded in face-to-face classes

Group 1 receives 700 hours of video content, while Group 2 gets 650 hours.

HD quality audio and videos.

Latest recordings from regular batches, not crash batches.

Extensive Question Coverage

Best Materials for CMA Inter Teaching.

Well-Organized Videos for Easy Understanding, Even for First-Time Viewers

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What’s in Store for Materials, Supported Devices, and Content Quality



• Top-quality content with full coverage of ICAI/ICMAI sources from old and new schemes.
• View materials on screen without screenshot & download (free).
• Option to purchase the complete physical material set at an additional cost.

Supported devices to watch videos:

• Android mobile/tablet
• Enjoy the convenience of watching videos on Windows computers and Apple phones or tablets.
• Students cannot switch from one platform or device to another.

Evidence for the quality of the content:

• 50,000+ satisfied users of the app.
• Achieved 1st rank 53 times across all courses.
• Secured single-digit All India Ranks in IPCC/CMA Inter – positions 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 9.
• Obtained 1315 All India Ranks across all levels of CA/CMA courses.

What Materials are used for teaching these classes?

Masterminds materials consistently prove to be the best for CMA Inter. Here are a few strategic advantages of Masterminds materials :

One Stop Solution Consisting Of:

• Complete coverage of CA Inter board material, RTPs, MTPs, and question papers from the 2023 schemes, along with pertinent content from ICAI sources from 2017 and 2012 schemes.
• Selection of the most relevant content from ICAI sources.
• Incorporation of the best content from author textbooks.

Best Conceptual Clarity:

• To encompass all sources, we will consolidate key points from 2 or 3 problems into a single one.
• Additionally, each problem will include concept questions to address modified problems or questions in the exam.

TYK Questions in Theory Subjects

• Covers diverse question types including indirect theory questions, practical questions, scenario-based theory questions, etc.
• Facilitates testing of conceptual clarity across different question formats.

Evidence For The Quality Of The Content

Achieving the 1st position an impressive 53 times across all courses.

Securing prestigious single-digit All India ranks in IPCC/CA Inter: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Attaining the notable All India ranks of 1315 across all levels of CA/CMA courses.

Achieved an impressive 50th All India rank, which includes securing the prestigious 5th All India rank.

In 2023, secured 68 All India ranks in CMA Inter & Final, including 1st & 2nd.

In 2024, achieved 3 All India ranks in CA Inter & Final: 31, 36, 49.

Additionally in 2023, secured 3 All India ranks in CA Final: 11, 32, 34.

Also in 2023, attained 3 All India ranks in CA Inter: 19, 29, 37.

Do I Need to Buy Mastermind’s Materials to Access These Videos?

Purchase Mandatory for Mastermind’s Video Access?
  • Students Can Read The Materials On Screen (Pdf File). No Download And No Screenshot.
  • Optional For Students To Purchase Full Set Of Materials Of Any Group Of Their Choice. In Such A Case Physical Copy Of Materials Will Be Sent As Courier To The Postal Address Of The Student.
  • In This Full Set Students Will Get Main Materials, Xerox Of Students Note Book & Detailed Solutions To Self-Practice Problems Or Questions.