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Course Overview

  • Excellent Conceptual Clarity
  •  Classes available in 3 modes: CPB (Complete Physical Batch), COB (Complete Online Batch),VOD (Videos On Demand)
  • 650 to 700 hours of result-oriented coaching for Group 1 & Group 2 separately
  • Teaching conducted entirely in English
  •  Complete Online Batch (COB) with live telecast of face-to-face classes through encrypted software, allowing students to clarify doubts in real-time
  •  Weekend exams held at par with public exams, with evaluation of answer papers
  •  After coaching, study hours, and revision exams service available till 30/04/24, students can choose Group 1, Group 2, or both

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Fast-track your CA Inter success with our crash course – enroll today, conquer tomorrow


A CA Inter crash course is an intensive and focused program designed to prepare candidates for the Chartered Accountancy (CA) Inter examination in a short period. It covers essential topics, revision, and exam-oriented strategies to enhance preparation efficiency.

The benefits of a CA Inter crash course include accelerated preparation, focused revision, exam-specific strategies, flexibility, Cost effective and Immediate Availability for candidates with time constraints.

A crash course is more condensed and intensive, focusing on quick revision, key concepts, and exam-specific strategies. It is designed for candidates who have limited time for preparation but need comprehensive coverage.

You will get Access all necessary materials in PDF format within the content section, facilitating easy download & Free printed materials worth Rs. 3000/- of your study resources.

CA Inter crash courses are available for learning in English and Telugu languages.

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