Game changer: selecting the right group in intermediate is the game changer in your career and life. 

Every group is a good group: at first, let me clarify that there is no such classification like best groups and worst groups in intermediate. 

For example, if you want to buy a mobile phone you can find numerous alternatives. Every mobile phone will have its own advantages & disadvantages. But the mobile which suits your requirement is the best one. If you need a call recording facility then even the most premium model of iPhone will not suit your purpose. It is all about your suitability. 

Best Wishes from our Admin Director: CA Mohan Sir, to all Intermediate Exam Students

  • Every student is unique: every student is unique with his own strengths & weaknesses. What is good for one student could be worst for another student. 
  • Choose the right group: choose the group in intermediate that suits your aspirations, strengths & weaknesses. 
  • Never choose the group casually: never select the group in intermediate so casually like your friend joined or many of your classmates joined in that group.


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Demand and supply conflict or which careers will be more rewarding in the future?

What people think? Many times people think that the most skillful and complex jobs will give them more earnings which is absolutely wrong. 

If that is true then truck drivers or cooks in restaurants must be drawing the highest salaries since they are highly complex & skillful jobs. But it is not the reality. Your earnings depend upon scarcity. More the scarcity more will be your earnings.

  • Think of the next 60 years: don’t forget that the career that you choose today should be rewarding to you in the next 60 years of your life.
  • Over supply: if everyone chooses engineering & medicine then their earnings may not be that much attractive in the future due to over supply. 
  • Reason for unemployment:
    • Now you might have understood the reason why certain courses are not rewarding inspite of spending lakhs of rupees and several years of time.
    • Since more number of students are choosing engineering & medicine than what actually require, it is leading to unemployment and under-employment.

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Where is the decision of selecting the group in Intermediate going wrong?

  1. Familiarity with certain subjects: at the school level students are familiar with subjects like maths, physics, chemistry and biology. Hence, they are thinking that there are no other career options except engineering & medicine.
  2. Lack of awareness: today hundreds of rewarding career options are available like chartered accountancy, cost accountancy, company secretary, financial analysts, hotel management, event management, tourism, fashion designing, etc.
  3. Since students are not studying the related subjects at the school level they are ignorant of such options and ending up choosing engineering & medicine courses alone.

Now the million-dollar question! How to choose a group in intermediate?

  1. Strengths & weaknesses: based on your strengths and weaknesses decide what you want to become in your life and then choose the group.
  2. Scarcity is the key: choose the career option where demand is more than supply. 
  3. Interests & aspirations: never pursue the subjects which you feel to be tough or scared of or not interested in.
  4. Choose a secured career: choose a secured career without any ups & downs. Due to the fears of recession, across the world, lakhs of experienced and skillful techies are  mercilessly laid off. The same thing repeated in history for every 10 to 12 years. Choose a secured career without such ups & downs.
  5. Right awareness: take the correct decision with right awareness.

Come out of the bandwagon effect. Think different and achieve more:

  1. Selection rate in iit / jee: nearly 10 lakh students are appearing for iit/jee entrance exam but the selection rate is only around 1.5%.
  2. Selection rate in neet: nearly 18 lakh students are appearing for the neet entrance exam but the selection rate is only around 5%. 
  • Cut-throat competition:
  1. By looking at the selection rate you can easily understand the cut-throat competition and how tough it is to get a selection in these entrance exams. 
  2. Maths, physics, chemistry & biology subjects will be the toughest in these entrance exams. That is why students spending lakhs of rupees and taking foundation coaching from the 6th class.
  • Think twice before choosing those courses: 
  1. At this juncture if you are either not interested or scared of maths, physics, chemistry & biology it is not at all wise to choose mpc/bipc.
  2. It is not sufficient if you work hard. You must have expert knowledge, outperform others and must achieve a rank.
  3. That is why it is a waste of effort, time, and energy to choose engineering and medical streams without genuine interest. At the same time it is a costly affair. 
  • Think of CA / CMA courses: 

Instead you can think of choosing ca/cma courses. 

None of the subjects in these courses are as tough as maths, physics, chemistry & biology.

By the way ca stands for chartered accountancy and cma stands for cost & management accountancy.

CA / CMA courses are best choice even for average or below-average students:

A) average or below-average students can also perform well: even an average or below-average student can perform well and can get similar success and career growth without facing cut-throat competition and a lot of stress and pressure related to achieving rank like engineering & medical aspirants.

B) we experienced the same in our experience: in our vast experience we have even seen several average and below-average students who have performed extremely well in ca/cma courses and settled with very high salary packages in top corporates both in India and abroad. Some of them even achieved all india ranks.

CA/CMA - enter the world of opportunities:

Growth of the formal sector: businesses in our country are rapidly moving from informal to formal sector. For example, earlier we used to purchase from small kirana shops but now we are purchasing from big stores like dmart, reliance mart, etc. This is creating huge opportunities for commerce professionals like ca/cma.

Decision-making in the complex business world: from a small business to a big corporate company everyone consults ca / cma for taking a business decision.

Introduction of gst: 

Introduction of gst has increased the job opportunities manyfold for professionals like ca & cma in India.

Gst is being implemented in several countries leading to an increase in opportunities for ca & cma professionals. 

Own practice: there are endless opportunities to setup your own practice and become your own boss instead of working for someone else. 


Which group is best in intermediate to pursue CA / CMA courses?

Here is he best group for ca / cma courses: 

  • For a strong foundation jee & neet aspirants are pursuing foundation courses right from the 6th class. 
  • Similarly, students can get a strong foundation for ca / cma courses if they choose mec group. 
  • Mpc / bipc students can also pursue ca / cma courses but fundamentals will be strong if mec group is chosen. 
  • What about cec group? Choose cec group as a last resort.

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