top 10 ca firms in india

Revealing the Elite: Top 10 CA Firms in India


Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) in India is a significant milestone, marking the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding career journey. The choice of the right CA firm plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of one’s professional life. In the dynamic landscape of finance and accounting, certain firms stand out for their excellence, global presence, and commitment to fostering talent. In this blog, we delve into the realm of the top 10 CA firms in India , shedding light on their unique attributes and the opportunities they offer to aspiring CAs.

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Top 10 CA Firms in India

1. Deloitte India:

As a subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., Deloitte India holds the distinguished title of being the largest among India’s “big four” accounting firms. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, Deloitte offers a comprehensive range of services including audit, tax, consulting, and more. With a global workforce exceeding 200,000 employees, Deloitte’s extensive reach and expertise make it a leader in the CA sector.

2. PwC India (Price Waterhouse Coopers):

PwC India is not just an accounting firm; it is a beacon of mission-driven excellence. With operations spanning 157 countries and a workforce of over 280,000 professionals, PwC India is synonymous with superior tax and advisory services. Its global impact coupled with local relevance makes it a powerhouse in the field of chartered accounting, offering ample opportunities for career advancement on a global stage.

3. Ernst & Young India (EY):

As a proud member of Ernst & Young Global Ltd., EY India stands as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of chartered accounting. Beyond its local influence, EY India distinguishes itself through a holistic range of services encompassing transaction advisory, assurance, consulting, and tax services. This comprehensive platform empowers professionals to hone their skills across various facets of finance and accounting.

4. KPMG India:

KPMG India, a vital member of the Big 4 auditors, transcends the conventional boundaries of a business. With a wide array of services including financial services, business consultancy, regulatory tax services, and risk advisory, KPMG India emerges as a powerhouse in the chartered accounting arena. Its global connectivity and local influence position it as a preferred choice for aspiring Chartered Accountants seeking professional development.

5. BDO India:

Originating from the esteemed Binder Seidman International Group, BDO India is renowned for its professionalism and financial prowess. Its global connections ensure a pedigree of quality, making it a formidable force in the world of chartered accountancy. BDO India’s expertise in navigating both global business environments and local financial landscapes sets it apart as a preferred destination for aspiring CAs.

6. Grant Thornton International:

Grant Thornton India is not merely a business; it is a strategic player aiming for dominance in the accounting industry. By focusing on tax, advisory, and independent assurance services, Grant Thornton fosters a vibrant atmosphere for prospective Chartered Accountants to advance their careers. Its strategic approach to finance sets it apart, offering clients trust and professionals ample opportunities for growth.

7. RSM India:

RSM India, a leader in taxation services, prides itself on being ranked as the 7th largest professional services network. Its dedication to excellence and global presence make it an attractive option for prospective Chartered Accountants seeking rewarding careers. By offering a wide-ranging platform for experts to succeed, RSM India solidifies its significance on both a local and global scale.

8. SR Dinodia & Co. LLP:

SR Dinodia & Co. LLP, based in New Delhi, has carved out a niche in audit, tax, accounting, and consultancy services. With a global presence and more than 170 alliance partners worldwide, SR Dinodia & Co. LLP offers unique career opportunities for aspiring Chartered Accountants. Its comprehensive service offerings and extensive network make it an appealing choice for those seeking a well-rounded professional career.

9. Lodha & Co.:

Lodha & Co. is synonymous with top-notch accounting and tax services, earning recognition on a global scale. Its strategic positioning in key cities ensures widespread access to professional services, catering to corporate clients across various economic hubs. Lodha & Co.’s commitment to quality and strategic placement create a dynamic environment ripe with opportunities for career growth.

10. Luthra & Luthra India:

Luthra & Luthra India is a pioneer and leading provider of professional accounting services. Known for its innovative accounting solutions and dedication to client expansion, Luthra & Luthra offers a platform for professionals to thrive in the dynamic world of finance and corporate law. Its wide range of services in audit, advice, taxation, and corporate law make it an ideal choice for aspiring Chartered Accountants.

Qualification for Applying

To apply to these esteemed CA firms in India, candidates must meet specific qualifications:
● Passed CA exams in 1 or 2 attempts.
● Achieved an all-India rank in the CA Final Exams.
● Demonstrated substantial Articleship experience in a CA firm.
● Possessed exemplary communication skills and a positive personality.
● Acquired comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in the field.


Selecting the right CA firm is a pivotal decision for prospective CAs embarking on their professional journey. The top 10 CA firms in India offer a blend of professional development opportunities, diverse services, and supportive work environments, making them the premier choices for launching a lucrative career in chartered accountancy. Aspiring CAs should carefully consider their options and strive to align themselves with a firm that resonates with their career aspirations and values. With dedication, perseverance, and the right firm by their side, aspiring CAs can chart a path towards success in the dynamic world of finance and accounting.

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Game changer: selecting the right group in intermediate is the game changer in your career and life. 

Every group is a good group: at first, let me clarify that there is no such classification like best groups and worst groups in intermediate. 

For example, if you want to buy a mobile phone you can find numerous alternatives. Every mobile phone will have its own advantages & disadvantages. But the mobile which suits your requirement is the best one. If you need a call recording facility then even the most premium model of iPhone will not suit your purpose. It is all about your suitability. 

Best Wishes from our Admin Director: CA Mohan Sir, to all Intermediate Exam Students

  • Every student is unique: every student is unique with his own strengths & weaknesses. What is good for one student could be worst for another student. 
  • Choose the right group: choose the group in intermediate that suits your aspirations, strengths & weaknesses. 
  • Never choose the group casually: never select the group in intermediate so casually like your friend joined or many of your classmates joined in that group.


Excellent Career Guidance Programme by ChandraShekhar Sir

This is not a long & routine video: at first, this is not another long routine video about career guidance after the 10th class.

Provides invaluable information: I assure you that this short video provides invaluable information on choosing the right career option after the 10th class than any other video on social media.   

Career guidance session conducted to MEC Pro & CEC Pro students

A myth buster video: watch this compact and informative myth buster video till the end along with your parents and friends to know about numerous career options that are available after the 10th class.

Demand and supply conflict or which careers will be more rewarding in the future?

What people think? Many times people think that the most skillful and complex jobs will give them more earnings which is absolutely wrong. 

If that is true then truck drivers or cooks in restaurants must be drawing the highest salaries since they are highly complex & skillful jobs. But it is not the reality. Your earnings depend upon scarcity. More the scarcity more will be your earnings.

  • Think of the next 60 years: don’t forget that the career that you choose today should be rewarding to you in the next 60 years of your life.
  • Over supply: if everyone chooses engineering & medicine then their earnings may not be that much attractive in the future due to over supply. 
  • Reason for unemployment:
    • Now you might have understood the reason why certain courses are not rewarding inspite of spending lakhs of rupees and several years of time.
    • Since more number of students are choosing engineering & medicine than what actually require, it is leading to unemployment and under-employment.

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Where is the decision of selecting the group in Intermediate going wrong?

  1. Familiarity with certain subjects: at the school level students are familiar with subjects like maths, physics, chemistry and biology. Hence, they are thinking that there are no other career options except engineering & medicine.
  2. Lack of awareness: today hundreds of rewarding career options are available like chartered accountancy, cost accountancy, company secretary, financial analysts, hotel management, event management, tourism, fashion designing, etc.
  3. Since students are not studying the related subjects at the school level they are ignorant of such options and ending up choosing engineering & medicine courses alone.

Now the million-dollar question! How to choose a group in intermediate?

  1. Strengths & weaknesses: based on your strengths and weaknesses decide what you want to become in your life and then choose the group.
  2. Scarcity is the key: choose the career option where demand is more than supply. 
  3. Interests & aspirations: never pursue the subjects which you feel to be tough or scared of or not interested in.
  4. Choose a secured career: choose a secured career without any ups & downs. Due to the fears of recession, across the world, lakhs of experienced and skillful techies are  mercilessly laid off. The same thing repeated in history for every 10 to 12 years. Choose a secured career without such ups & downs.
  5. Right awareness: take the correct decision with right awareness.

Come out of the bandwagon effect. Think different and achieve more:

  1. Selection rate in iit / jee: nearly 10 lakh students are appearing for iit/jee entrance exam but the selection rate is only around 1.5%.
  2. Selection rate in neet: nearly 18 lakh students are appearing for the neet entrance exam but the selection rate is only around 5%. 
  • Cut-throat competition:
  1. By looking at the selection rate you can easily understand the cut-throat competition and how tough it is to get a selection in these entrance exams. 
  2. Maths, physics, chemistry & biology subjects will be the toughest in these entrance exams. That is why students spending lakhs of rupees and taking foundation coaching from the 6th class.
  • Think twice before choosing those courses: 
  1. At this juncture if you are either not interested or scared of maths, physics, chemistry & biology it is not at all wise to choose mpc/bipc.
  2. It is not sufficient if you work hard. You must have expert knowledge, outperform others and must achieve a rank.
  3. That is why it is a waste of effort, time, and energy to choose engineering and medical streams without genuine interest. At the same time it is a costly affair. 
  • Think of CA / CMA courses: 

Instead you can think of choosing ca/cma courses. 

None of the subjects in these courses are as tough as maths, physics, chemistry & biology.

By the way ca stands for chartered accountancy and cma stands for cost & management accountancy.

CA / CMA courses are best choice even for average or below-average students:

A) average or below-average students can also perform well: even an average or below-average student can perform well and can get similar success and career growth without facing cut-throat competition and a lot of stress and pressure related to achieving rank like engineering & medical aspirants.

B) we experienced the same in our experience: in our vast experience we have even seen several average and below-average students who have performed extremely well in ca/cma courses and settled with very high salary packages in top corporates both in India and abroad. Some of them even achieved all india ranks.

CA/CMA - enter the world of opportunities:

Growth of the formal sector: businesses in our country are rapidly moving from informal to formal sector. For example, earlier we used to purchase from small kirana shops but now we are purchasing from big stores like dmart, reliance mart, etc. This is creating huge opportunities for commerce professionals like ca/cma.

Decision-making in the complex business world: from a small business to a big corporate company everyone consults ca / cma for taking a business decision.

Introduction of gst: 

Introduction of gst has increased the job opportunities manyfold for professionals like ca & cma in India.

Gst is being implemented in several countries leading to an increase in opportunities for ca & cma professionals. 

Own practice: there are endless opportunities to setup your own practice and become your own boss instead of working for someone else. 


Which group is best in intermediate to pursue CA / CMA courses?

Here is he best group for ca / cma courses: 

  • For a strong foundation jee & neet aspirants are pursuing foundation courses right from the 6th class. 
  • Similarly, students can get a strong foundation for ca / cma courses if they choose mec group. 
  • Mpc / bipc students can also pursue ca / cma courses but fundamentals will be strong if mec group is chosen. 
  • What about cec group? Choose cec group as a last resort.

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Why Should I Become a CMA | Reasons & Benefits

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential is one of the main accounting credentials that could propel you to even greater success and accomplishment. You must pass the CMA exam, fulfill the requirements for education and experience, and be a member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in order to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). If you’re wondering “Why should I become a CMA?” have a look at these four advantages. Find out more about each of them to see how getting certified can help you advance in the accounting industry.

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Breaking down the CMA Benefits

1. The CMA opens doors into the business world :

The CMA is an advanced, internationally recognized credential that demonstrates the ability to make financial decisions relating to business. For some, it’s better than a CPA because of the business focus. If you want to help run a business, make business decisions, or be involved in any other aspect of the business world, the CMA is your pass. Accurate comprehension of the intersection of accounting and business allows you to specialize in your accounting profession.

The CMA is designed to integrate accounting procedures with business knowledge, and it is commonly recognized as the gold standard in management accounting. You need to understand corporate governance and concepts like responsibility accounting in order to pass the CMA exam. You are in a unique position between the management and finance divisions of a firm because of this understanding. As a result of their ability to make informed business decisions with financial considerations, CMAs frequently end up advising their clients.

The CMA provides organizations with the essential financial knowledge they need to operate profitably and efficiently. CMAs work closely with upper management and influence the course of these businesses with their knowledge, skills, and experience. When armed with pertinent financial data and analysis, a CMA becomes an invaluable member of the management team.

If you want to be a key player in a firm, one of the most important things you can do as an accountant is to earn your CMA.

2. The CMA advances your career :

You can have an exciting, fulfilling, and successful accounting career by earning your CMA. The CMA sets you apart from other accountants by clearly outlining your goals for your career. It is implied that you plan to manage money rather than just report it when you add the letters “CMA” after your name. Getting through the CMA exam shows that you are motivated to learn more than just what is required for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 87% of CMAs, according to the IMA, claim that earning their certification increased their ability to work in all facets of business.

The CMA enables many accountants to advance to higher-level positions. CMAs hold the following positions, according to the IMA:

Staff Accountant Cost Accountant Senior Accountant Controller
Budget Analyst Internal Auditor Finance Manager Financial Analyst
Chief Financial Officer Chief Executive Officer Vice President, Finance Treasurer

As you can see, becoming a CMA gives you the ability to not only define your place in the company but also to take a seat at the conference table. A great grasp of both finance and business concepts helps many CMAs advance in their careers.

You will have additional career and promotion prospects if you earn your CMA certification. The need for management accountants is growing along with the need for accountants.

3. The CMA increases your earning potential :

Compared to non-CMAs, CMAs earn greater money. That is all there is to it. Globally, the average income for accountants holding this certificate is 62% higher, or $31,000 more annually. The disparity increases even worse when total compensation—health insurance, retirement, fringe benefits, etc.—is taken into account.

The difference is getting wider. Only 45% more was made by CMAs in 2016 than by non-CMAs. The average income for CMAs in the Americas increased by about $10,000 between 2016 and 2017.

For a variety of reasons, CMAs may make more money than non-CMAs. CMAs are more suited for managerial positions, which are typically where the big money is in the business world, for starters. Second, in order to get qualified, one must have advanced management abilities, which are necessary for positions like chief financial officer or even chief executive officer. People with these skills are in high demand and will fetch a higher salary.

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4. The CMA gives you credibility and status :

Compared to other accountants, CMAs have a deeper comprehension of money and statistics. “CMAs can explain the ‘why’ behind numbers, not just the ‘what,'” claims the IMA. You have to know more about business and accounting than the majority of accountants in order to get the certification. Once you have obtained the CMA, people will come to you for answers to broad, business-related finance queries. Being the go-to expert for help can come with more duties as well as a boost in status and reputation. CMAs identify themselves as an important component of business operations and thrive in the consulting role.

5. Increase financial skills and knowledge :

A lot of accountants who earn the CMA qualification have a strong passion for money and accounting. The two sections of the CMA test include a wide range of topics related to both simple and complex management processes, thus pursuing a CMA requires a firm grasp of both. Gaining proficiency in these crucial skill sets has several advantages for a CMA.

Applying these concepts will provide you transferable skills because obtaining the CMA certificate requires a thorough understanding of management accounting procedures. Generally speaking, a CMA’s duties are more specialized than a general accountant’s. To enhance your professional skills, make sure to include tasks like risk management, critical investment decisions, and budget analysis and planning into your daily routine.

Increasing your professional horizons by accepting more managerial-level positions is one of the other benefits of earning a CMA. For instance, presenting data in an understandable manner for executive boards and other important business executives is a task that many CMAs handle. These are tasks that most CPAs and entry-level accountants will not undertake. In addition to contributing to larger company objectives, a CMA will probably be expected to examine external trends and numbers—a task usually delegated to upper-level accountants.

One of the numerous advantages of the CMA designation is that it allows you to obtain a better grasp of a company’s financial operations. If you want to learn more about cost accounting and broaden your job horizons, this could be the course for you.

Ready to earn your CMA?

Advancement in the workplace and greater income opportunities are ensured by the CMA certification. You have a strong chance of success because of your background and knowledge. If reaching the top is your goal, there is no limit to your accounting career path. You have an advantage thanks to Masterminds CMA Review, which enables you to travel as quickly, easily, and worry-free as possible.

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Why Masterminds for CMA?

Go no farther than Masterminds, the best place in Pune for excellent CMA instruction. Masterminds has you covered whether you want the conventional approach of offline meetings or the flexibility of online seminars.

  1.  Proven Track Record: Masterminds has a superb reputation and a group of dedicated educators who consistently deliver exceptional outcomes. Masterminds has established itself as a reliable brand in CMA education thanks to our students’ constant excellence.
  2.  Comprehensive Curriculum: Our painstakingly crafted curriculum guarantees that you will comprehend the CMA syllabus completely. We cover every facet of cost and management accounting, giving you the know-how and abilities you need to succeed in your coursework and beyond.
  3. Flexible Learning Options: Understanding that every student has different needs, Masterminds offers both in-person and online classes. We provide a customized learning solution, regardless of your preference for the lively atmosphere of a real classroom or the ease of studying from home.
  4. Expert Faculty: At Masterminds, we think that high-quality education has immense power. Our knowledgeable and devoted instructors are committed to fostering your academic development. They guarantee that you receive the greatest instruction because they bring a lot of expertise and experience from the industry to the classroom.
  5.  Holistic Learning Experience: Masterminds focuses on creating a comprehensive learning environment in addition to textbooks. We give you access to extra materials, practice tests, and individualized support to help you succeed in your CMA journey and gain confidence.

Selecting Masterminds is the wise decision for your CMA education. Join our network of accomplished CMA professionals to start your journey toward a fulfilling career. We are the first step towards your success!

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CA Final Course May 2024: Eligibility, Registration (Full Guide)

The final and largest obstacle to becoming a chartered accountant is the CA Final Course. You’ll leap over that wall once you pass the CA Final examinations. However, you must finish your articleship and pass both of the CA Intermediate course’s groups in order to be eligible for the CA Final Course. The qualified candidates can pay the necessary fees and register for the course online.

Students can begin preparing for the course after they have registered for it. You will now study advanced auditing, foreign taxation, capital markets, and much more in the CA Final course.

There are two sets of six subjects in the CA Final Syllabus. The candidates must pass three papers each from Groups I and II. For the CA Final exams, passing with a score of 50% overall and 40% in each topic is required.

You will learn everything you need to know in this CA Final course guide, including eligibility, the registration procedure, exam preparation, submitting forms, fees, admit cards, and results.

For thorough detail, each element of this tutorial is also addressed in its own blog. You can visit the blog by clicking on the link provided in that area if you’d want more information.

The CA New program has been announced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. A number of changes to the CA Final course have been proposed under the new scheme, including adjustments to the registration validity, subjects, eligibility, exemptions, and test structure. Click this link to view all of the CA New scheme’s details.

The CA Final Result was made public by ICAI in July 2024 (Expected). The CA Final Toppers List for the May 2024 session was also announced by ICAI along with the results.

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CA Final Course 2024: Complete Journey

This section will describe the entire process you will go through, from signing up for the CA Final course to receiving your results. Everything will be sent to you quickly and concisely.

  1. Eligibility – To become eligible for the CA Final Course, aspirants have to clear both groups of CA Intermediate exams and complete the articleship of 2.5 years.
  2. Registration – The students have to fill out the registration form online and pay the registration fees of Rs. 22,000.
  3. Preparation – 6 subjects  divided into two groups are included in the CA Final New Syllabus. To ensure that you have enough time to prepare, you must begin your preparations early.
  4. Exam Form – After ICAI releases the CA Final exam form, students can complete it for the May 2024 exams in September. There is a Rs. 3300  test form fee.
  5. Admit Card – ICAI releases the admit card 14 days before the examinations. All the students are advised to download the CA Final admit card for May 2024 as soon as it is released.
  6. Exams – The CA Final exam dates for the May 2024 attempt will be out soon. The papers are going to be held in the first half of May 2024.
  7. Results – ICAI declares the results after 2 months after the last paper. To clear the CA Final course, you need to get 40% in each subject and 50% overall.

CA Final Course Important Dates – 2024

Check the important dates for the CA Final course in the table below:

CA Final Important Dates for May 2024

Events CA Final Dates
Last date to Register for May 2024 Jan 1, 2024
CA Final Exam Form dates May 2024 In Feb 2024
CA Final Exam Dates 2024 In Month of May, 2024
Correction Window In March, 2024
CA Final Admit Card 2024 In April, 2024
CA Final Result May 2024 July 2024

CA Final Important Dates for May 2024

Events Dates
Last date to Register for May 2024 Jan 1, 2024
CA Final Exam Form dates March 2024
CA Final Exam Dates May 2024 First Half of March 2024
Correction Window TBA
CA Final Admit Card 14 days before the exam
CA Final Result May 2024 July 2024

Eligibility for CA Final Course May 2024

You will be eligible to appear in the CA Final May 2024 exams only if you meet all the criteria given below:

  • Cleared both the groups of the CA Intermediate Exam or its older versions.
  • Registered before Jan 1, 2024.
  • Your registration number should be valid on the date of filling out the application for the CA Final. (Validity Period- 5 years from the date of registration)
  • You must have completed 2.5 years of CA articleship or are due to complete it.

How to Register for the CA Final Course Online?

To register for the CA Final Course, all the applicants must visit ICAI’s official website. The CA Final registration steps are as follows:-

  1. Visit the official website of ICAI.
  2. With the allotted password and registration ID, the students can complete their registration and can easily make a login. Then for registration, select the portal of SSP.
  3. From the two options that appear on-screen, i.e. ‘Student Cycle’ and ‘Article Cycle’, select the former option.
  4. From CA final levels, you can choose courses.
  5. Now, CA Final registration will appear on-screen.
  6. Automatically, the basic details get updated in the form as they were already during registration of CA Intermediate.
  7. If you need to correct something, the re-correct option is also available.
  8. According to the given size and formats, upload the necessary documents as per the information.
  9. Then after, you need to pay the registration fees. The fees will be paid online through net banking, credit card, or debit card.
  10. After the payment is successful, print and save CA Final Form 2024 for future reference.

CA Final Registration Fees

For Indian Students Rs. 22,000
For Foreign Students US$ 1100

The registration fee for Indian students is Rs. 22000 and for Foreign students, it is $1100. The CA Final fee is Rs. 39800 for Indian students and $1550 for foreign students.

CA Final Syllabus and Subjects May 2024

There are primarily six subjects in the CA Final. These are divided into groups consisting of 3 papers each. A few revisions and amendments have been made to the CA Final course syllabus by ICAI.

The CA Final Subjects for the May 2024 attempt are:

CA Final Group 1 Subjects (New Syllabus)

  1. Paper-1: Financial Reporting
  2. Paper-2: Advanced Financial Management
  3. Paper-3: Advanced Auditing, Assurance and Professional Ethics

CA Final Group 2 Subjects (New Syllabus)

  1. Paper-4: Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation
  2. Paper-5: Indirect Tax Laws
  3. Paper-6: Integrated Business Solutions (Multidisciplinary Case Study with Strategic Management)
    • Section A: Corporate and Economic Laws
    • Section B: Strategic Cost & Performance Management

For every subject, ICAI provides the CA Final study materials. While students registered under the old plan must refer to the old syllabus, those registered under the new scheme must refer to the new study materials.

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CA Final Exam Form Nov 2024

Students must additionally complete the CA Final test form after completing the registration form. The CA Final May 2024 exam form is anticipated to be released by the ICAI in February 2024.

Find out everything there is to know about the CA Final Exam Form due in May 2024, including how to fill it out, when it is correctable, the most recent news, etc.

Students need to be aware of the paperwork needed to complete the CA Final Exam Form, the process, guidelines, and the costs associated with the Exam Form and Application Form.

You can modify the application form details anytime ICAI opens the correction window if you make any mistakes and would like to make the necessary modifications. This facility does have some requirements and is only open for a short period of time. You must therefore use caution when completing your application or exam form.

CA Finals Preparation

Candidates for chartered accounting must rehearse on a variety of revision, mock exam, and prior year problems. It is a crucial component of your practice and exam preparation. To get the CA Final Papers for the May 2024 exams, which include the question papers from the previous year as well as practice and revision test papers, click the provided link.

Smart Tips to Excel In CA Final Exam May 2024

Given below are some of the smart tips to prepare well for your CA Final exams.

Manage the efforts with the schedule: Students can create a suitable plan by considering the format of the CA Final exam and the syllabus. One will have more time for the revising procedure in this approach.

Master in the calculator: If students have good command over their calculators, then they can do calculations faster, which can save them time, too.

Be relaxed: When studying, one should unwind and take brief rests. This has the potential to improve focus and output.

Equal focus on every subject: The candidate must arrange their schedule so that each subject receives the same amount of attention.

You should concentrate on changes in addition to the previously listed CA Final preparation advice. You may ensure that you fully retain all of the material throughout the exam by making revisions. Also available to you is our one-month CA Finals revision plan.

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CA Final Admit Card

You won’t be able to take the final exams without the admit card, so it’s crucial. The admit card is released by ICAI 14 days prior to the exam. Your name, exam location, registration number, time, and other information are listed on the admit card. Students must use the internet to download their admission cards.

The fact that the admit card can only be downloaded three times is a crucial reminder for all students. Therefore, making several photocopies of the admit card is advisable. By clicking this link, you may view all the information on the CA Final Admit Card.

CA Final Result

The CA Final Results for the November 2023 exam are released in January 2024. Following the results announcement, a merit list is also made public. There are three ways to verify the CA Final Result: via email, SMS, and the internet.

In the CA Final course, students need to receive at least 40% on each paper and 50% overall in order to pass the group. Students who pass both groups qualify to become CAs. Students must follow a process if they wish to request a verification of their marks. 


A candidate should clear both groups of CA Intermediate and complete or about to complete the 3 years Articleship.

Students can fill out the CA Final May 2024 exam form in the month of Feb 2024 once released by the ICAI.

Nothing can beat self-study to success in a particular exam. But, you’ll need to enroll in good CA Final coaching for exam preparation. Masterminds Guntur Institute is an excellent CA Coaching Center for CA Final preparation. It provides both offline and online classes for CA; you can choose any option as per your wish.

 For the CA Final exams, an aspirant can give 10 attempts.

The admit card can be downloaded only three times. We suggest you take a few photocopies to avoid any problems later.


CA Foundation Accounts 2024: Syllabus & Pattern

CA Foundation Accounts, commonly known as Principles and Practice of Accounting, is the Paper 1 in the CA Foundation course. The CA Foundation accounts syllabus covers basic accounting principles and their application in books.

Students will study 10 chapters for the CA Foundation Accounts paper, which is worth 100 Marks As the CA Foundation exams approach, students should finish the material quickly and begin tackling the sample test papers.

This comprehensive post on CA Foundation Accounts includes the curriculum, study materials, paper pattern, chapter-specific weightage, preparation advice, and mock test papers. 


CA Foundation Accounts

The foundational concepts and procedures of accounting are covered in the first CA Foundation paper, Accounts. Additionally, Accounting is a crucial component of the entire CA Course. The theoretical portion of the Principles and Practice of Accounting course will assist you in learning about basic accounting entities such as debit and credit as well as their underlying principles.

Students find it easier to understand how they are treated in accounts books once they have a basic comprehension. Additionally, they will learn how to use various ratios to analyze accounting statements and assist in resolving complicated company issues.

The dates of the June 2024 CA Foundation exam indicate that the accounts papers will be held on June 24, 2024.

CA Foundation Accounts Study Material for 2024 Exams

Module 1:

Module 2:

Average Due Date CA Foundation

Chapter 6 of the CA Foundation Accounts has a crucial topic on Average Due Dates. In order to settle different dated items fairly for both the debtor and the creditor, the average due date is determined.

The due date of each business transaction is added to the credit period by one month to get the average due date. Students are free to use any date as the base date for calculating the average due date.

CA Foundation Accounts Paper Pattern 2024

To excel in the ICAI Foundation Accounts paper, students need to be aware of the latest paper pattern. Therefore, in the following table, we have mentioned the CA Foundation Accounts paper pattern for June 2024 exams.

Particular Details
Total Question 6 (students need to answer only 5)
Exam Duration 3 hours
Maximum Marks 100 marks
CA Foundation Accounts Exam Date In June 2024
Assassinate Pattern According to comprehensive knowledge, analytical skill, and reporting efficiency.
Type of Questions Both practical and theoretical.
Particular Details
Total Question 6 (students need to answer only 5)
Exam Duration 3 hours
Maximum Marks 100 marks
CA Foundation Accounts Exam Date In June 2024
Assassinate Pattern According to comprehensive knowledge, analytical skill, and reporting efficiency.
Type of Questions Both practical and theoretical.


CA Foundation Accounts Chapter-Wise Weightage for June 2024

You can see the breakdown of chapters and modules according to the marks weightage given In exams and plan your study accordingly.

Weightage Chapter
5%-10% Chapter 1: Theoretical Framework

Unit 1: Meaning and Scope of Accounting

Unit 2: Accounting Concepts, Principles And Conventions

Unit 3: Accounting Terminology – Glossary

Unit 4: Capital And Revenue Expenditures and Receipts

Unit 5: Contingent Assets and Contingent Liabilities

Unit 6: Accounting Policies

Unit 7: Accounting as a Measurement Discipline – Valuation Principles, Accounting Estimates

Unit 8: Accounting Standards

Unit 9: Indian Accounting Standards

20%-25% Chapter 2: Accounting Process

Unit 1: Basic Accounting Procedures – Journal Entries

Unit 2: Ledgers

Unit 3: Trial Balance

Unit 4: Subsidiary Books

Unit 5: Cash Book

Unit 6: Rectification of Errors

Chapter 3: Bank Reconciliation Statement

Chapter 4: Inventories

Chapter 5: Concept and Accounting of Depreciation

15%-20% Chapter 6: Accounting for Special Transactions

Unit 1: Bill Of Exchange and Promissory Notes

Unit 2: Sale of Goods on Approval or Return Basis

Unit 3: Consignment

Unit 4: Joint Ventures

Unit 5: Royalty Accounts

Unit 6: Average Due Date

Unit 7: Account Current

25%-30% Chapter 7: Preparation of Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors

Unit 1: Final Accounts of Non-Manufacturing Entities

Unit 2: Final Accounts of Manufacturing Entities

Chapter 8: Partnership Accounts

Unit 1: Introduction to Partnership Accounts

Unit 2: Treatment of Goodwill in Partnership Accounts

Unit 3: Admission of a New Partner

Unit 4: Retirement of a Partner

Unit 5: Death of a Partner

Chapter 9: Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations

10%-15% Chapter 10: Company Accounts

Unit 1: Introduction to Company Accounts

Unit 2: Issue, Forfeiture and Re-Issue of Shares

Unit 3: Issue of Debentures

Chapter 11: Basic Accounting Ratios

CA Foundation Accounting Self-Study Plan 2024

  • Put the ideas and formulas on a chart and tape it to the wall of your room so you may easily refer to it when needed.
  • Take notes and provide your own explanations for each concept and theory.
  • Create charts with all of the accounting rules, and make an effort to learn them by heart in a fun way.
  • Determine the nature of the product and do a comprehensive analysis of it before treating it while creating accounting statements.
  • Once you’ve finished the course, get the CA Foundation practice questions and answers and go to work. Check your answer sheet with the ICAI solutions after you’ve finished the paper to evaluate your performance. 

That is all about the CA Foundation Accounts paper for the June 2024 exam. Now, you have better insights into the syllabus, study material, paper pattern, and also chapter-wise weightage. Moreover, you also have past year’s question papers, MTPs, RTPs, and a study plan to score more in CA Foundation accounts.

We wish you all the best for the future.



Start Your Amazing Journey to Become Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountancy is one of the hardest and most popular career choices in India. It might not be easy for everyone to get into chartered accountancy, but if you manage to achieve this goal in your life, it will offer you great opportunities, career path, salary, and respect in society. People do not respect CA just because they have good wages or designation, but they appreciate it because it is not easy to become one.
The path toward becoming a chartered accountant might be challenging, but it is not impossible. To deeply understand about this profession, you need to know about its harsh facts. So, if you are dedicated and determined enough, let’s go through all the important things you must know about becoming a chartered accountant.
So, if you’re devoted and motivated enough, let’s go over all you need to know about being a certified accountant. 

What Is Chartered Accountancy?

Accounting, often known as chartered accountancy, is one side of a coin. This career requires you to manage an entity’s financial load. Budgeting, auditing, account management, taxation, and corporate strategy all fall under the financial load.

You may be wondering why traditional accounting cannot be considered chartered. Despite being on the same side of the office coin, these terms have vastly different meanings. A chartered accountant is someone who studies accounting extensively, goes through years of training, and passes many complex examinations before earning the designation of chartered accountant.

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Why Build a Career in Chartered Accountancy?

The first and most important reason to seek a career in chartered accounting is a solid profession with a high compensation. Every government in the world relies on money, and every firm has someone to handle its financial intricacies, such as paying taxes and conducting audits. The options to work as a CA are numerous. You do not need to choose a specific field for your work because every organization requires financial management, and the only solution they offer is chartered accountancy.

How To Become A CA?

If you wish to become a chartered accountant, you should be aware of the various steps involved. It entails a variety of educational, examination, and practical training procedures. One of the most important things to understand is that the qualifications for becoming a chartered accountant vary by country or location; nonetheless, the methods outlined here will provide you with a general understanding of all processes.

Educational Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a similar discipline. Enrolling in a certified CA program for a course is country-specific. You must complete a series of difficult exams designed to assess your knowledge of accounting concepts, auditing, taxation, and other relevant topics.

Practical Training

You will not become a CA immediately after passing the exam. To develop a career, you must finish practical training over a few years. Your training will take place under the supervision of a trained chartered accountant. During your practical training, you must obtain hands-on experience in auditing, accounting, taxation, and other relevant fields.

Ethics And Professional Development

Another important part of being a CA is to complete your courses or modules concerning professional ethics and behavior. Aside from that, maintaining your professional development is crucial since it allows you to stay current on changes in accounting practice and regulation.

Obtain Membership

After completing all of the aforementioned procedures, including passing your examination, you must apply for membership in a reputable accounting organization. The title of chartered accountant can only be obtained once the competent accounting organization grants it to you.

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Valuable Tips for CA Aspirants

Plan And Organize

Before you begin your preparation, you should always construct a well-structured study plan that includes all of the relevant disciplines and topics, mostly focused on the CA test. Consistency is essential when studying, therefore always attempt to assign proper timing to each topic and be consistent in staying organized and eliminating last-minute stress.

Understand The Syllabus

Before fighting any competition, you should always familiarize yourself. Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and syllabus. Knowing the weightage and content of any issue can help you understand its complexity and allow you to focus on the areas that demand the most work.

Practice Daily

Whatever you intend to study for your exam, you must practice or update your curriculum. To practice on a daily basis, you can take mock tests, sample questions, or prior year’s exams. With these tools, you can simply understand the exam structure and improve your time management abilities.

Professional Guidance Is a Must

If you intend to pass the CA examination on your own, you may not be able to. Every high-level examination necessitated expert consultation. With professional guidance and mentorship, you can better understand the complexities of topics than ever before.

Keeping Up with Amendments

Accounting standards, tax laws, and other accounting-related revolutions do not always remain constant. Keeping up with all of the changes in this industry will allow you to prepare for your exam with greater expertise. Ca examinations generally favor recent alterations to their exams, so keeping up with all of the changes can be useful to you.

Improve Your Communication Skills

To become a CA, you may require more than just technical skills. When operating on a professional level, you must be able to communicate effectively. Presenting your thoughts clearly and convincingly can have a huge impact on your career. These skills are not only necessary for professional performance, but also for interviews and client interactions.

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