Revealing the Elite: Top 10 CA Firms in India

top 10 ca firms in india


Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) in India is a significant milestone, marking the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding career journey. The choice of the right CA firm plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of one’s professional life. In the dynamic landscape of finance and accounting, certain firms stand out for their excellence, global presence, and commitment to fostering talent. In this blog, we delve into the realm of the top 10 CA firms in India , shedding light on their unique attributes and the opportunities they offer to aspiring CAs.

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Top 10 CA Firms in India

1. Deloitte India:

As a subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., Deloitte India holds the distinguished title of being the largest among India’s “big four” accounting firms. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality, Deloitte offers a comprehensive range of services including audit, tax, consulting, and more. With a global workforce exceeding 200,000 employees, Deloitte’s extensive reach and expertise make it a leader in the CA sector.

2. PwC India (Price Waterhouse Coopers):

PwC India is not just an accounting firm; it is a beacon of mission-driven excellence. With operations spanning 157 countries and a workforce of over 280,000 professionals, PwC India is synonymous with superior tax and advisory services. Its global impact coupled with local relevance makes it a powerhouse in the field of chartered accounting, offering ample opportunities for career advancement on a global stage.

3. Ernst & Young India (EY):

As a proud member of Ernst & Young Global Ltd., EY India stands as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of chartered accounting. Beyond its local influence, EY India distinguishes itself through a holistic range of services encompassing transaction advisory, assurance, consulting, and tax services. This comprehensive platform empowers professionals to hone their skills across various facets of finance and accounting.

4. KPMG India:

KPMG India, a vital member of the Big 4 auditors, transcends the conventional boundaries of a business. With a wide array of services including financial services, business consultancy, regulatory tax services, and risk advisory, KPMG India emerges as a powerhouse in the chartered accounting arena. Its global connectivity and local influence position it as a preferred choice for aspiring Chartered Accountants seeking professional development.

5. BDO India:

Originating from the esteemed Binder Seidman International Group, BDO India is renowned for its professionalism and financial prowess. Its global connections ensure a pedigree of quality, making it a formidable force in the world of chartered accountancy. BDO India’s expertise in navigating both global business environments and local financial landscapes sets it apart as a preferred destination for aspiring CAs.

6. Grant Thornton International:

Grant Thornton India is not merely a business; it is a strategic player aiming for dominance in the accounting industry. By focusing on tax, advisory, and independent assurance services, Grant Thornton fosters a vibrant atmosphere for prospective Chartered Accountants to advance their careers. Its strategic approach to finance sets it apart, offering clients trust and professionals ample opportunities for growth.

7. RSM India:

RSM India, a leader in taxation services, prides itself on being ranked as the 7th largest professional services network. Its dedication to excellence and global presence make it an attractive option for prospective Chartered Accountants seeking rewarding careers. By offering a wide-ranging platform for experts to succeed, RSM India solidifies its significance on both a local and global scale.

8. SR Dinodia & Co. LLP:

SR Dinodia & Co. LLP, based in New Delhi, has carved out a niche in audit, tax, accounting, and consultancy services. With a global presence and more than 170 alliance partners worldwide, SR Dinodia & Co. LLP offers unique career opportunities for aspiring Chartered Accountants. Its comprehensive service offerings and extensive network make it an appealing choice for those seeking a well-rounded professional career.

9. Lodha & Co.:

Lodha & Co. is synonymous with top-notch accounting and tax services, earning recognition on a global scale. Its strategic positioning in key cities ensures widespread access to professional services, catering to corporate clients across various economic hubs. Lodha & Co.’s commitment to quality and strategic placement create a dynamic environment ripe with opportunities for career growth.

10. Luthra & Luthra India:

Luthra & Luthra India is a pioneer and leading provider of professional accounting services. Known for its innovative accounting solutions and dedication to client expansion, Luthra & Luthra offers a platform for professionals to thrive in the dynamic world of finance and corporate law. Its wide range of services in audit, advice, taxation, and corporate law make it an ideal choice for aspiring Chartered Accountants.

Qualification for Applying

To apply to these esteemed CA firms in India, candidates must meet specific qualifications:
● Passed CA exams in 1 or 2 attempts.
● Achieved an all-India rank in the CA Final Exams.
● Demonstrated substantial Articleship experience in a CA firm.
● Possessed exemplary communication skills and a positive personality.
● Acquired comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in the field.


Selecting the right CA firm is a pivotal decision for prospective CAs embarking on their professional journey. The top 10 CA firms in India offer a blend of professional development opportunities, diverse services, and supportive work environments, making them the premier choices for launching a lucrative career in chartered accountancy. Aspiring CAs should carefully consider their options and strive to align themselves with a firm that resonates with their career aspirations and values. With dedication, perseverance, and the right firm by their side, aspiring CAs can chart a path towards success in the dynamic world of finance and accounting.

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